Right-of-Way Companies

Ensure accurate billing and time tracking with the help of automation

From pipeline permits and oil and gas lease acquisitions, to project management and legal compliance, as a right-of-way agent, you have a complex role that requires laser focus. So how do you deliver prompt invoice and also ensure you are being paid accurately for your time?

BTABST has the answer. Our landman software is made by and for land professionals including right-of-way agents. It provides unmatched accuracy, flexibility, and scalability that gives you fast ROI from your accounting software. Our system lets you quickly and easily track time and expenses so you can issue correct and timely invoices to customers.

Harness the power of the BTABS software for:

  • Data entry – eliminate redundant data entry tasks by having the expense and mileage information entered accurately by agents
  • Data approval – management can easily approve and add details to invoices by accessing the software anytime, anywhere
  • Invoicing – eliminate human error and reduce the time required to create invoices by over 50%
  • Receiving – receipts can be automatically forwarded to a customer’s accounts payable department

Did you know that creating and delivering invoices can be done in just a few mouse clicks?

That’s how efficient the BTABS system is. Leave your email address below and we’ll let you test drive our software for free.

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