Time Tracking

The easiest, most effective way to gauge your team’s performance


Your team’s entire day in a snapshot

BTABS’s Time Tracking software makes it easy for you to monitor the progress of your teams throughout the day. No more spending hours managing and interpreting timesheet entries. Our intuitive dashboard provides a big-picture view of who worked on which task and for how long, so you can more efficiently allocate resources and plan future projects.


Mobile Timesheet Tracker

Track hours from any location, on any device, in real time. Whether your employees or contractors are in the office or the courthouse, they can track their time and expenses quickly and easily using their mobile devices.


Upload Receipts

Your staff can upload copies of receipts for expenses incurred while working on a project. The copies are then automatically attached to your invoices and expense sheets, and included in your accounting processes, without having to manually enter the data.

Time Approval / Reporting

Quickly review and approve employee timesheets

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Time is money, so we’ve made invoicing swift and effortless

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