Time Approval / Reporting

Streamline the timesheet submission and approval process


Quickly review and approve employee timesheets

From the BTABS dashboard, you can immediately see which employee timesheets need your review and approval. You can also send automatic email notifications to people who haven't completed or submitted their timesheets. Once a timesheet is approved, that employee will receive an automated email confirming their time entry has been successfully processed.


Timesheet Approvals Made Easy

View your contractors’ and employees’ timesheets and expenses so you can see what work has been done and how profitable it was. Filter your data in hundreds of ways to get just the view you’re looking for, then export to Excel with a single click for analysis and approval.


Time Management Reports

Stay on top of your business, and always know where you are on your projects with BTABS’s detailed reports. You’ll be able to understand at a glance where time is being spent, empowering human resources and improving budget management.


Time is money, so we’ve made invoicing swift and effortless

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Time Tracking

The easiest, most effective way to gauge your team’s performance

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